• HIPAA Compliance training is a self-paced on-line training module.
  • Please review all instructions prior to beginning the training module.
  • Direct links to the training website are available at the bottom of this page and on the Mercer University HIPAA Compliance homepage.


You may want to print these directions for reference during the training process.

To begin the HIPAA Compliance training:

  1. Enter <User name>
    1. Students: Enter your 8-digit Mercer University ID (MUID)
    b.    Faculty and Staff:  Enter your Mercer Network ID (example:  andrews_b)
  2. Enter <Password>
    1. Use birthdate
      1.  Students:  Enter as YYMMDD. Example: January 9, 1989 = 890109
      2. Faculty and Staff: Enter as YYYYMM.  Example: January 9, 1989=198901
  3. Select <HIPAA Course –Training and Assessment> under Course List.
  4. Read  “Welcome to HIPAA Fundamental Training”
  5. Select <Assessment Tab> under the Course Tools.
  6. Select <Training and Assessment>
  7. Select <Begin Assessment>
  8. Read statement information.
  9. <Answer Question>
  10.  <Save and view next>
  11. Select <Save Answer>
  12. When all questions have been answered select <Finish>.
  13. Microsoft Internet Explorer window appears: "All questions have been answered and all questions have been saved.  Do you want to proceed?
    1. Select <ok>
  14. Microsoft Internet Explorer window appears:  "Training and Assessment: Submitted"
    1. Select <ok>
  15. View Assessment submissions.
  16. Select <Attempt results>

Must score 70% correct to successfully complete HIPAA Training.

  1. <Print> results.
    1. Select <File> from icon on browser.
    2. Select <Print> from dropdown menu.

Printed results must be submitted to:

  • Dean for students and faculty.
  • Supervisor for employees & student workers.
  1. Select <Log Out> from menu bar.

Please note:

  • If a scroll bar appears on the right side of training materials this indicates there is more information to be viewed on that page.
  • Please scroll to view all materials on each page.


If you have any questions or concerns related to HIPAA materials, please contact Jim Calhoun at 478-301-2300 or by E- mail to:

If you have any technical concerns, please contact Terry Bickley at 478-301-2439 or by E-mail To: or

To begin training, please visit Mercer Blacboard